50 Arlong Quotes (Imaginary)

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    The Superiority of Fish-Men

  1. Fish-Men are inherently superior to humans. Our strength, agility, and ability to breathe underwater make us the true rulers of the sea.

  3. Humans are weak and fragile. We Fish-Men are destined to dominate because we are built for power and survival.

  5. Our lineage is one of greatness. The oceans bow to us, and it’s time the land does too. Humans are just stepping stones.

  7. Fish-Men possess a natural superiority that cannot be denied. It’s our duty to assert this truth and claim our rightful place.

  9. Our abilities surpass those of humans in every way. This is not arrogance, but a fact that drives my every action.

    The Vision for an Underwater Empire

  11. An underwater empire where Fish-Men reign supreme is not just a dream but a destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

  13. I envision a vast kingdom beneath the waves, free from the tyranny of humans, where our people can thrive.

  15. Our empire will rise from the depths, a beacon of Fish-Man superiority and a testament to our strength.

  17. The underwater empire will be a sanctuary for Fish-Men, where we can rule with the power and respect we deserve.

  19. In our empire, Fish-Men will no longer hide. We will stand tall, our greatness acknowledged by all.

    Hatred Towards Humans

  21. Humans have oppressed and hunted us for too long. My hatred for them is a fire that fuels my every move.

  23. The cruelty humans have shown towards Fish-Men has left scars that only dominance can heal.

  25. Humans see us as monsters, but they are the true beasts. My disdain for them is rooted in their endless prejudice.

  27. I hate humans not just for what they’ve done to us, but for their arrogance in thinking they’re superior.

  29. Every act of defiance against humans is a step towards justice. My hatred is a weapon, sharpened by their own actions.

    The Occupation of Cocoyasi Village

  31. Cocoyasi Village is a testament to my power. Controlling it is a strategic move to ensure our dominance over humans.

  33. Taking Cocoyasi Village was necessary. It shows humans the price of crossing a Fish-Man and the extent of our control.

  35. The villagers are tools in my plan, their suffering a reminder of the consequences of opposing us.

  37. Cocoyasi Village is more than just territory; it’s a symbol of our strength and the futility of human resistance.

  39. By occupying Cocoyasi Village, I demonstrate our ability to dominate and reshape the human world.

    The Role of Arlong Park

  41. Arlong Park stands as a fortress, a visible symbol of Fish-Man power and our unyielding resolve.

  43. Every brick of Arlong Park is a declaration of our superiority. It is our stronghold and the heart of our operations.

  45. Arlong Park is where our strategies are forged and our dominance is asserted. It embodies our strength.

  47. The park is not just a base; it is a monument to Fish-Man resilience and our relentless pursuit of control.

  49. From Arlong Park, we orchestrate our plans and demonstrate to the world that Fish-Men are the true rulers of the seas.

    Arlong’s Views on Pirates and the World Government

  51. Other pirate crews are mere distractions, unworthy of my time. They lack the vision and strength of the Arlong Pirates.

  53. The World Government is a flawed institution, too weak to enforce real order. They are blind to the superiority of Fish-Men.

  55. Pirates and the World Government alike will fall before our might. Their petty squabbles mean nothing in the face of our true power.

  57. I have no interest in the agendas of other pirates. Our mission is clear: establish Fish-Man dominance above all else.

  59. The World Government underestimates us. Their ignorance will be their downfall as we rise to claim our rightful place.

    The Importance of Money and Wealth

  61. Wealth is the lifeblood of power. With money, we can fund our operations and expand our influence.

  63. Gold and riches are tools to fuel our ambitions. They ensure our strength and the loyalty of those who follow us.

  65. Control over resources is essential. By amassing wealth, we secure our dominance and the means to crush any opposition.

  67. Money buys loyalty, weapons, and power. It is the foundation upon which our empire will be built.

  69. The pursuit of wealth is not greed, but strategy. With it, we can achieve our vision of a world ruled by Fish-Men.

    Loyalty and Leadership within the Arlong Pirates

  71. Loyalty is earned through strength and fear. My crew follows me because they know I am the strongest and most ruthless leader.

  73. Leadership is about maintaining control and demanding respect. My authority is absolute, and my crew understands this.

  75. Within the Arlong Pirates, loyalty is rewarded and betrayal is punished without mercy. This is the only way to maintain order.

  77. I lead by example, showing my crew the power and vision that guide us. Their loyalty is a testament to my leadership.

  79. The dynamics of our crew are simple: follow me, and together we will achieve greatness. Defy me, and face the consequences.

    The Concept of Freedom and Oppression

  81. True freedom is found in dominance. By asserting our power, we liberate ourselves from the shackles of human oppression.

  83. My actions may seem oppressive, but they are a necessary step towards the ultimate freedom for Fish-Men.

  85. Freedom for Fish-Men means the subjugation of humans. Their oppression is justified by the greater goal of our liberation.

  87. In the pursuit of our freedom, some must suffer. It is a small price to pay for the eventual dominance of Fish-Men.

  89. Oppression is a tool to achieve freedom. By oppressing humans, we secure our future and ensure our rightful place as rulers.

    Conflict with the Straw Hat Pirates

  91. The Straw Hat Pirates were a thorn in my side, their defiance a challenge to my authority that I could not tolerate.

  93. Luffy and his crew were fools to stand against me. Their victory was a fluke, a temporary setback in my grand plan.

  95. The battle with the Straw Hats showed the world our strength, even in defeat. They will regret ever crossing paths with me.

  97. My confrontation with Luffy exposed my enemies’ weaknesses. I will use this knowledge to ensure my future victories.

  99. The Straw Hat Pirates may have won the battle, but the war for Fish-Man dominance is far from over. I will rise again.

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