50 Akainu Quotes (Imaginary)

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    Absolute Justice

  1. Absolute justice is the only path to true peace. There is no room for compromise or mercy in the face of evil.

  3. Every pirate must be eradicated without exception. Their existence is a blight on the world that must be cleansed.

  5. Hesitation is the enemy of justice. The strong hand of the Marines must strike swiftly and without remorse.

  7. The ends justify the means. If the world is to be free of chaos, we must be willing to do whatever it takes.

  9. Only through absolute justice can we ensure that the innocent are protected and the wicked are punished.

    The Aftermath of the Marineford War

  11. Marineford was a necessary sacrifice. The loss was great, but it proved the resolve of our justice.

  13. Whitebeard’s death marked the end of an era, but it also signaled the beginning of a new age of Marine dominance.

  15. The blood spilled at Marineford will not be in vain. It has strengthened our resolve and clarified our mission.

  17. Every fallen Marine is a martyr for justice. Their sacrifice fuels our relentless pursuit of a world free from piracy.

  19. Marineford was a victory not just in battle, but in principle. It showed the world that justice will always prevail.

    The Pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates

  21. Straw Hat Luffy’s defiance cannot go unpunished. He represents the chaos that must be eradicated from our seas.

  23. Every step Luffy takes towards the One Piece is a step towards his own destruction. I will see to it personally.

  25. The Straw Hat crew’s insolence at Marineford will haunt them. My pursuit will be relentless and unforgiving.

  27. Luffy’s survival is a stain on our honor. I will not rest until his crew is brought to justice.

  29. The New World holds no sanctuary for the Straw Hats. My justice will reach them wherever they may hide.

    The Rise to Fleet Admiral

  31. My ascension to Fleet Admiral was not just a personal victory, but a triumph for the ideal of absolute justice.

  33. The power struggle was fierce, but it proved that only the strongest and most resolute can lead the Marines.

  35. Becoming Fleet Admiral is not just about rank. It’s about embodying the unwavering spirit of justice.

  37. I rose to this position because I believe in a world where justice is absolute and uncompromising.

  39. As Fleet Admiral, I will reshape the Marines into an unyielding force that will crush all who oppose us.

    Dealing with Internal Dissent

  41. Dissent within the ranks is a cancer. It must be eradicated swiftly to maintain the integrity of our mission.

  43. There is no place for weakness or doubt in the Marines. Those who waver will be dealt with harshly.

  45. Unity is essential. I will not tolerate any form of dissent that threatens the cohesion of our forces.

  47. The Marines must speak with one voice. Internal conflicts will be crushed to ensure our strength remains unbroken.

  49. Justice is not a matter of debate. Any who question our methods will be shown the true meaning of discipline.

    The Threat of the Revolutionary Army

  51. Dragon and his Revolutionary Army are the greatest threat to world order. Their ideology of rebellion undermines everything we stand for.

  53. The Revolutionary Army’s goal is chaos under the guise of freedom. They must be eliminated to preserve peace.

  55. Dragon’s actions are a direct challenge to Marine authority. His capture and the destruction of his army are paramount.

  57. Every move the Revolutionary Army makes is a step towards anarchy. We must crush them before their influence spreads.

  59. The Revolutionary Army’s fight against the World Government is an attack on justice itself. They are enemies of order and must be dealt with accordingly.

    Akainu’s View on the Yonko

  61. The Yonko are the pillars of piracy. Each one represents a different facet of the chaos we fight to eradicate.

  63. Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, Blackbeard – their reigns are a blight on the seas. Our strategy must be to dismantle their empires piece by piece.

  65. The Yonko’s power is a direct threat to global stability. Only through their defeat can we achieve true peace.

  67. Every Yonko commands a vast network of criminals. Our mission is to sever these connections and bring their empires to ruin.

  69. The Yonko’s influence reaches every corner of the world. The Marines must rise to meet their challenge and restore order.

    The Role of the Marines in the New World

  71. The New World is a lawless frontier. The Marines must establish a presence that instills fear and respect in all who dwell there.

  73. Our influence in the New World will be a beacon of justice. We will bring order to the chaos and root out the pirates who infest it.

  75. The New World is the proving ground for our strength. It is where the Marines will show their true power and resolve.

  77. In the New World, there is no room for compromise. The Marines will act with decisive force to maintain control.

  79. Our vision for the New World is one where justice reigns supreme. The Marines will be the sword and shield that protect it.

    The Buster Call: A Tool of Destruction

  81. The Buster Call is a necessary tool. It is the ultimate expression of Marine authority and the swift hand of justice.

  83. When a threat becomes too great, the Buster Call ensures that it is eradicated completely. There can be no half measures.

  85. The destruction brought by the Buster Call is a message to all who defy the Marines: we will not tolerate rebellion.

  87. The Buster Call is not just about destruction, but about restoring order. It is a last resort that guarantees results.

  89. To enforce justice, we must sometimes wield overwhelming force. The Buster Call is a reminder of our resolve and power.

    The Ethics of Power and Authority

  91. Power and authority are tools to enforce justice. Their ethical use lies in their ability to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

  93. There are no moral boundaries in the fight against evil. To ensure peace, we must be willing to use every means at our disposal.

  95. True justice requires unwavering authority. The ethical choice is to act decisively, without hesitation or doubt.

  97. Power must be exercised with absolute conviction. Any show of weakness undermines the very foundation of justice.

  99. The ethics of justice are clear: protect the innocent, punish the wicked. Authority must be used to uphold these principles without compromise.

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