50 Kanna Kamui Quotes (Imaginary)

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Kanna from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

    Kanna’s Dragon Diary

  1. Dear Diary, today I learned that humans have this thing called ‘school.’ It’s like a nest, but with desks!

  3. In my diary, I draw pictures of my favorite things: Tohru’s cooking, playing with Saikawa, and sleeping in warm blankets.

  5. Writing in my diary makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend. Even though you’re just paper, you always listen.

  7. Every day is an adventure! From trying new human foods to discovering weird human customs, I love writing it all down!

  9. Even dragons need to express themselves! My diary is my treasure trove of memories and musings.

    Playtime with Kanna

  11. Playing hide and seek is so much fun! But my tail always gives me away…

  13. I love drawing with crayons! Sometimes, I pretend I’m coloring a dragon-sized masterpiece.

  15. Kobayashi says I have to be careful not to break things with my dragon strength. But it’s hard when everything looks like a toy!

  17. Swings, slides, and seesaws! The playground is my kingdom, and I’m the dragon princess!

  19. There’s nothing like a good bedtime story before curling up in my cozy dragon-sized bed.

    Dragon Lessons

  21. Learning to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is important! Tohru says it’s part of being polite.

  23. Kobayashi showed me how to use chopsticks. It’s tricky, but I’m getting better!

  25. Humans do this thing called ‘sharing.’ It’s like hoarding treasure, but with snacks!

  27. Tohru teaches me about human emotions. She says it’s okay to cry when you’re sad.

  29. I’m still learning about personal space. Apparently, not everyone likes being hugged by a dragon!

    The Curious Case of Kanna

  31. People think dragons are fierce and scary, but I just want to make friends and have fun!

  33. Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to fly freely in the sky like my dragon ancestors.

  35. Dragons love shiny things, but I think friendship is the most precious treasure of all.

  37. I might be small, but my dreams are as big as the sky!

  39. When I grow up, I want to be a wise and kind dragon, just like Tohru and Kobayashi.

    Kanna’s Kitchen Magic

  41. Cooking with Tohru is my favorite! She says I’m her little sous chef!

  43. I helped Tohru make omurice today! It’s like a dragon-sized omelette with rice inside!

  45. Tohru taught me how to make cookies! Mine turned out a little crispy, but they’re still delicious!

  47. I made a salad with veggies from Kobayashi’s garden! Even dragons need their greens!

  49. Cooking is like magic! With a little fire and some love, anything is possible!

    Dragon in Disguise

  51. Being a dragon in a human world is like wearing a cloak of invisibility. Sometimes, it’s fun to blend in.

  53. Discovering human customs and traditions is like exploring a hidden treasure trove! Every day brings a new adventure.

  55. Finding my place in the human world isn’t easy, but with Kobayashi and Tohru by my side, I feel like I can conquer anything!

  57. Humans have so many rules and expectations, but I’m learning to navigate them one step at a time.

  59. Embracing my dragon self while living among humans is my greatest adventure yet! Who knew being different could be so exciting?

    Kanna’s Quest for Friendship

  61. Friendship knows no boundaries! Whether you’re human or dragon, the warmth of companionship is universal.

  63. From playing with Saikawa to sharing snacks with Riko, every friend I make fills my heart with joy.

  65. The bonds I share with Kobayashi and Tohru are as strong as dragon scales. They’re not just my family; they’re my best friends.

  67. Even though we come from different worlds, the love and laughter we share bring us closer together.

  69. In the end, it’s not about being a dragon or a human—it’s about the kindness and understanding we show each other.

    A Dragon’s Education

  71. School can be overwhelming, but with Kobayashi’s encouragement, I’m learning to spread my wings and soar.

  73. Homework, tests, and pop quizzes—being a student is tough, but I won’t let a little challenge hold me back!

  75. Math, science, and history may not be as exciting as flying through the sky, but every lesson is a chance to grow.

  77. Learning about human history and culture is like diving into a dragon-sized library of knowledge!

  79. With Kobayashi as my guide, I’m not just learning about the world—I’m discovering the power of knowledge and curiosity.

    Kanna’s Dragon Dreams

  81. Dreams are like portals to magical realms where anything is possible! In my dreams, I can be a brave knight or a mischievous dragon.

  83. Flying through cotton candy clouds and swimming in rivers of chocolate—dreams are the ultimate playground for a dragon like me!

  85. Even when I’m asleep, my imagination takes flight, whisking me away to far-off lands filled with wonder and excitement.

  87. In my dreams, I can visit Kobayashi’s world and explore the human realm from a dragon’s perspective. It’s like having my own private adventure!

  89. Whether I’m saving princesses from towering castles or exploring enchanted forests, my dreams are filled with endless possibilities and endless fun!

    Guardian of the Kobayashi Household

  91. As the guardian of the Kobayashi household, it’s my duty to protect and care for my human family.

  93. From chasing away pesky pests to keeping the house safe from harm, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Kobayashi and Tohru safe.

  95. Even though I may be small, my love for Kobayashi and Tohru is as fierce as a dragon’s roar.

  97. With my sharp senses and keen instincts, I’m always on the lookout for any danger that may threaten my human family.

  99. Being a guardian isn’t just about protecting the house—it’s about nurturing the bonds of love and friendship that make it a home.

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